Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Vernonhills, those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

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Christian Alcohol and Drug Detox Vernon Hills, IL

Those out there who are afflicted by a drug, alcohol or other substance addiction face a daunting and debilitating challenge. They face a very strong downturn in their lives. Some have already felt it, and some have yet to feel it but it is inevitable. Strong addictions hurt, but they are difficult to cure often because the ones who are hurt are often those surrounding the addicted instead of the addicted themselves. This is why the surrounding friends and family are pivotal to the inspiration of change to the addicted soul.

At Christian Detox Helpline in Vernon Hills, IL we emphasize that the biggest challenge an addict faces is admitting that he or she has lost control. Drugs have a way of skewing an addict’s perception of reality in a way which makes him or her feel in control when actually the substance abuse is controlling them. Our alcohol and drug rehab center’s expert staff have experienced quite often that this idea of control is the biggest challenge to the drug addiction recovery program. We aim to take that control away from the substance being abused and place the recovering addict back in control of their lives. Change becomes easier, faster and permanent once the patient feels that he or she has regained the control they lost. Calling us today will be the first step in regaining control.

Each patient is different. Each has had their own individual experiences which have led to the negative state which they now face. Each patient’s story is unique and the problems which each patient has need to be addressed individually. This is why our treatment center offers each patient a wholly beneficial treatment plan which tends to every one of their needs. There is not one uniform treatment because each patient needs their individualized help. While we use group sessions to boost self-esteem and sociability, these are not meant to make the patient feel like a part of a standardized treatment. God created each of us uniquely, so we treat each patient as such.

With Christian Detox Helpline in Vernon Hills, IL the road to recovery will be straightforward. The patient will have the treatment centered on his or her own needs so that all the control they lost can be regained. We have all the tools and expertise to help all patients succeed. Call us at (847) 752-6441 and find out your options. It starts with one and ends with a new, healthy, happy and productive life for everyone.
Our Services include:

• Dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorder treatment program

• Full medically supervised detoxification program

• Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation

• Partial hospitalization plan

• Transitional living support and intensive outpatient treatment program

• Support groups and educational components