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Christian Detox Helpline Vernon Hills, IL; The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

New studies have shown that teenagers are more likely to use and abuse prescription drugs than the illegal drugs which are purchased on the street. There are a few reasons for this, but the overwhelming reason is because they can be much easier to obtain. Prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs are prescribed by doctors all over the country. Take a peek inside your own medicine cabinet right now. No really, I’ll wait. What did you find? Drugs like Vicodin, Oxycontin, Kolonopin, and Xanax are readily available to teens and parents have no idea. Prescription drugs are essentially designer drugs, meaning that they are created in laboratories by pharmaceutical company scientists. These drugs are designed to target very specific ailments and they are very powerful. The reason they’ve become so popular among teenagers is because of how powerful they are. The “high” from a painkiller like Oxycodone is incredibly powerful and it’s easy for teens to become addicted.

The first step in curbing teen prescription drug abuse is to make sure your prescription medications are in a safe place. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom is NOT a safe place. Not only is it easily available for teens, but really for anyone who comes to your home. You don’t necessarily need to keep them under lock and key (although that would be nice), but as long as they are hidden from plain sight it helps a lot. It’s also important to not advertise that you may have desirable drugs in your home. Burglars are quick to act when they discover that you have valuable medication. Even people who do not use the pills might be interested in them because the fetch such a high price on the streets. Some large dosage painkillers can go for up to $100 per pill.

It sounds terrible to say, but grandparents are often the most victimized. As seniors are the most medicated group, they often are targeted for their pills. There are hundreds of robberies across the United States that are fueled by prescription drugs and more often than not, seniors are the victim. Thieves can steal money and other valuables to purchase drugs with, but they can also cut out the middle man by stealing the drugs directly. Prescription drugs are highly addictive and people can become desperate when trying to get them. They are also very dangerous because the risk of overdosing is so high. Users develop a tolerance with long term usage so they need to take higher and higher doses for the effects to be felt. This is what leads to overdosing.

If you or someone you know is addicted to prescription medication or other drugs, contact the Christian Detox Helpline in Vernon Hills, IL right away.

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