Since we do not provide drug or alcohol treatment in Vernonhills, those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction should contact our referral line for help as soon as possible.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Vernon Hills, IL

Our facilities strive to set the example in the field of alcohol and drug rehabilitation and recovery. We give every client we serve our absolute best because want to see them recover from their past and have a chance at a brighter future. We have experience with all types of cases and we are bar none in rate of patient recovery. We strive to see our patients succeed, and we do this through a powerful personalized program which offers patients the treatment which suits their needs as individuals and by treating all of the patients’ problems, not just treating the addiction as a symptom.

God always leave us hope and opportunities for us to better our lives in smart and effective ways. We only need to take advantage of these opportunities and make the most of them with our highest efforts. By calling our Vernon Hills, IL number at (847) 752-6441 we can ensure you the best opportunity to solve your problems. Addictions cause life’s forward progress to slow and eventually stop. We have seen often that all it takes is devotion, patience commitment, and strong faith to overcome the terrors of addiction.  When opportunities present themselves, God is forcing you to make a decision on which path you will chose to continue on, similar to a fork in a road. Sometimes people don’t see these and the only options they see are consist of continued suffering. Know that alcohol and drug rehab can be cured but not alone. The experts we have will offer you a renewed future and a better path to continue your life on.

We offer a well-rounded, adaptable treatment solution. We understand that everyone’s case differs and that the reason for one patient’s addiction is not the same reason for another patient’s addiction. Every patient’s treatment is molded to their individual needs for a more wholesome program. At our alcohol and drug rehab facility, we understand that addiction work both from a physiological and a medical point of view. Keeping both perspectives in mind, we offer a variety of treatment options to help break these chains of addiction.

Some of these Programs & Services include:

• Drug and Alcohol detox

• Drug and alcohol treatment program

• Individual counseling

• 12-step program

• Residential rehab

• Recreational activities that can be enjoyed sober

• Peer recovery support groups

• Life skills training

• Yoga, meditation and Tai Chi

• Music therapy

• Art therapy

• Our Road Less Traveled Christian based treatment program

• Family systems workshop

• Stress reduction

• Massage therapy.

• Acupuncture

Call Christian Detox Helpline in Vernon Hills, IL today at (847) 752-6441 to make the right change for a better tomorrow.