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Dual Diagnosis

Christian Dual Diagnosis Vernon Hills, IL

Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation centers like ours have seen a very clear trend in the amount of dual diagnoses in patients who face intense addictions. A dual diagnosis is when a mental condition is paired with an addiction such that they are “co-occurring.” When this happens, the mental condition is one of the main reasons the addiction is occurring in the first place. Both problems need to be corrected for there to be any success in treatment. This can be a challenging task since we all have face life in a different way because God’s plan for each of us is unique to us. Therefore our therapists and counselors go above and beyond to meet all of our clients’ individual needs. We emphasize the importance of a completely wholesome treatment.

It has been our professional experience that clients who face deep mental health conditions also have some of the strongest and most harmful addictions. These mental health concerns have strong effects in not only how the person interacts with his or her environment but also on how reactive they are to emotions and more importantly feeling such as the “high” experienced when taking drugs or the feeling attained while being drunk. There are very common examples of people whose mental conditions hold them back from receiving effective treatment. Our alcohol and drug treatment center has worked hard on giving patients of this variety a fighting chance on the war against an addiction.

For a wholesome treatment, the addiction and the mental condition must be treated equally. Certain mental illnesses will make the recovery process more difficult by making the patient feel as if the drug is the only option. Our medically assisted program will ensure that no harm can befall our patients and that experienced, licensed therapists are monitoring the situation at all times. We ensure that a recovery is complete with minimal chance for relapse by treating the whole problem, not just the addiction.

Making the call to Christian Detox Helpline in Vernon Hills, IL at (847) 752-6441 is the first step to success. Find out for yourself what we offer and discover our immense passion for helping addicted citizens heal the right way. Trust us and the road will be much easier for both you and your loved ones.